Campaign against polythene bags


JODHPUR: The Rajasthan Pollution Control Board (RPCB) is again going to launch a campaign against the use of polythene carry bags from Monday.

The board this time has made elaborate preparations to launch the drive and has accorded the powers of prosecution of erring shopkeepers or vendors using polythene carry bags and the suppliers of the same to the SDM-level to ensure effective curb on such bags.

The board had launched a similar drive during Diwali, in which it found profuse use of polythene carry bags in the market. That the law is violated with impunity is clear from the fact that these bags are still being manufactured and supplied in the market.

A Jodhpur regional board officer, B R Panwar, said recently the orders to this effect have been circulated by the RPCB to all the district boards. So the drive will be launched simultaneously in the entire state from Monday. For this, adequate preparations have been taken and teams have been constituted, Panwar said.
Besides working on the leads, the board has already got, we will also be looking for the cases ourselves, he added.

Despite the ban on polythene carry bags from August 1, the use of such bags is unabated with the distribution and consumption continuing. The steps taken so far have not ensured a complete ban on the product.

The board, which has the initial responsibility to monitor and control the phenomena, has now realised t is not the board alone, which could do so. So, the RPCB requested the government to delegate the power of prosecution at the lower level, where even the SDMs will now be able keep a tab on the use of these carry bags and take action against violators of the ban.

“Earlier, only the board had the right to prosecute. Now we will file cases at our end and the district administration at its end, which will result in control not only the urban areas but also the rural ones, where as of now no mechanism is in force to implement an effective ban,” Panwar said.

With this, the board has now planned to widen its purview to control the polybags and has issued letters to various clubs, organisations and associations to help control use of polybags.

Ajay Parmar, TNN, Jan 3, 2011,


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