Little thing to Save the earth at School

  • Turn off your monitors.
  • Add more  air-cleaning plants.
  • Turn your trash into crafts! so that doesn’t really rhyme- but use popsicle sticks, newspapers, used office paper, etc. for craft projects.
  • Use a water filter and refillable water bottle.
  • Choose re-usable containers for lunch.
  • Reduce water waste. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth and when making bubbles while washing your hands.
  • Donate unused clothing and other items.
  • Carpool, When heading to work or school, share a car with a friend! You’ll both save money on gas, you’ll reduce the amount of pollutants you’re producing – and maybe even squeeze in a quick nap on days you’re not driving!
  • Recycle everything you can!

2 thoughts on “Little thing to Save the earth at School

  1. I agree with the ban on the use of plastic bags. I think more and more people are becoming aware of the issues of the plastic bags which is good. I see more people using reusable bags and more stores which do not offer plastic bags anymore. It’s good and positive effort by your NGO Group, All the best…



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