SANDESH ka sarthak sandesh – A social awareness TV Show

SANDESH ka sarthak sandesh
(A social awareness magazine on (Satellite Broadcast TV) DD Rajasthan.)

The MESSAGE is a pioneer non Government Social Organization engaged in the direction of creating social uplifting, empowerment and cultural awareness among the masses. To achieve its set goals, MESSAGE launched a 15 minutes social awareness magazine “SANDESH”(Message) on Doordarshan (Satellite Broadcast TV.) that provides a total insight to the Government and Non Government social awareness schemes and ensure Community Participation to maximize the social uplifting of the deprived community. DD Rajasthan (Satellite Broadcast TV.)   is available to 84.8% of the population of  Rajasthan. Satellite penetration is almost 65% in urban Rajasthan. DD Rajasthan caters to the spectators of Rajasthan and surrounding areas.

    Today, the mass, especially, in the state of Rajasthan, is standing at the cross roads and totally bewildered about their rights. No proper guiding factor like- any magazine, publication or institution is there that shows them the right path to achieve their legal rights and explore government and none government schemes which are specially designed for them for their social uplifting.
Under these circumstances, the MESSAGE is endeavoring to introduce a unique magazine(SANDESH) on Doordarshan that guides & answers all their queries and ensure to increase public participation.

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