Celebrate “Disability Awareness Day” DAD

MESSAGE Celebrate “Disability Awareness Day” DAD July 15th 2012

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DAD – Celebrate “Disability Awareness Day” DAD at OTS Jaipur Rajasthan .Honorable Guest MR. I.C Srivastava (Retired IAS) Chairman Shree Nirmal Vivek School For Mentally Retarded , MR. IG Ravindra Tomar IG (CRPF) Rajasthan, MR. Avnish Malik Navdisha Sansthan Alwar, Gopal Gupta Chairman Rajasthan Builder’s Association , MR. K.L. Jain ony. Secretary General Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MR. Rohit R. Brandon IAS Principal Secretary & Director HCM RIPA, and Chief Guest Justice Shri Anshuman Singh Former Governor of Rajasthan 

We all must feel proud to be the part of this social cause. We are here today to salute and appreciate the unflinching belief of those people who has tasted life in a very different manner but with the great proud. In our society there is a section which is physically disabled. Despite various physical disabilities among this section there are people who have reached to the great heights of life. This section has proved to the society that physical disability is never a barrier in the path of success; they have also shown us that determination and courage to reach the full potential breaks all the barriers in the path of success.

The main cause of organizing this noble event is to create awareness about the disable section of the society. Disabled do not want Mercy but the Respect and they do not want any Favors but Encouragement. It is our responsibility to respect and encourage them. This section has already proved themselves successful against challenging lives. We are here to appreciate them and to salute there spirit.
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3 thoughts on “Celebrate “Disability Awareness Day” DAD

  1. Hello I am Dave Thompson the founder and event co-ordinator of the original Disability Awareness Day which this year celebrated our 21st annual event.

    I would like to congratulate you and your team for successfully organising your 2nd annual event.

    This year interest was also seen from groups in Egypt, Australia and several European countries.

    It is very gratifying to feel that the efforts we have made in England have made an impact across the world.

    Keep up the good work at MESSAGE.

    I look forward to reviewing how we can develop other projects with you.

    Take care.



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