Capital punishment is very important.. Mamta Sharma (NCW) Chairperson

YES India can change…we will make it change.
“We pained a great nation stands ashamed today because of such conducts.”

A 23-year-old woman is gang raped, beaten severely, then stripped and thrown out of a moving bus! This in the heart of the capital. Why is there no stopping to this brutality? How many more women need to be gang raped and brutalized for us to get strong laws and faster prosecution in these cases?

Capital punishment is very important..

An Exclusive interview with Mamta Sharma (Chairperson National Commission for Women ) — MESSAGE- Sandesh.

“Capital punishment is very important. I suggest that they should be made impotent so they repent every day of their life. It is very important, unless such punishments are meted to the culprits, I don’t think women will feel secure in our country,
“Just passing a resolution won’t be sufficient and the step needs to be backed by strong action”. “This is a very brutal incident which is why we did not even light the lamp. The hearts of the entire nation is burning after listening this. I have been demanding harsh punishments for all the accused. There should be time bound investigation. Within 30 days or 40 days result should come,” Sharma said.
Mamta Sharma
NCW chairperson

A brutal rape in the capital of India is committed every single day. What is horrifying about this figure is not what it adds up to but what it hides. Thousands of rape victims who choose not to go to the police to protect themselves from victim-shaming.
This kind of rape numbers exists because the rapists can get away with it. We do need a stronger law that extends the scope of complicity to people within the justice system. In addition, an effective solution to this problem must include:

·      Prompt and severe action must be taken against the perpetrators
·      An alternative judicial system only for sexual assault cases
·      An alternate method of lodging complaints having trained professionals.
·      A special fast –track court

Some View’s published by media

Five steps to enhance women’s safety
Times of India

  1. Increase police patrolling. If necessary, hike number of cops in the city. All VIPs with more than two security personnel should give one cop from their security to enhance police presence for the public.
  2. Register FIRs in all cases of rape, sexual harassment and other crimes against women. Prosecute cops found persuading women to drop such complaints.
  3. Home guards on bus not enough. Institute system of random checking of buses by PCR vans at night.
  4. Use technology: All public transport must be on GPS, install CCTVs on buses, make drivers, and helpers/conductors wear non-tamperable photo IDs, create common database accessible by police and other enforcement agencies.

    5. All sexual offenders must be monitored by law enforcers once they have served their sentence.

Five changes needed in our laws

Times of India

  1. Increase the deterrence against crimes against women. Change law to make life term plus chemical castration the punishment for violent rapes.
  2. Expand the definition of rape to include not just penile penetration of the vagina but also oral sex and penetration for sexual purpose of the vagina, anus, urethra or mouth.
  3. Introduce rape by security forces as a special category of aggravated sexual assault on the lines of the clause dealing with custodial rape.4. Enhance maximum prison term for molestation from 2 to 5 years and sexual harassment or what’s euphemistically called ‘eve-teasing’ from 1 to 3 years.

    5. Remove gender inequities in the provisions relating to adultery and natural guardian and enact and special law to take pre-emptive action against caste assemblies inciting “honour killings.”

9 thoughts on “Capital punishment is very important.. Mamta Sharma (NCW) Chairperson

  1. “Every girl and woman has the right to be respected, valued and protected.”
    It’s the right time to ….
    Govt has forgotten meaning of democracy,Politicians are safe, public is insecured
    Dr Dev


  2. Do you want to know why India has a sexual violence problem? I’ll tell you why: IT’S THEIR MOVIE INDUSTRY, THAT’S WHY! Have you ever seen one of those God-awful “Bollywood” movies where all of the men and women dance like a bunch of sex-starved dogs in heat? I’m telling you, watching one of those movies would make the most mild-mannered man want to rape the next woman he saw!
    Jack Menolt


  3. 1.2 Billion people and still counting therefore nothing will change in India. We need someone like Hitler to do the housekeeping.


  4. I am sure this will be awakening call for all Indians. Is it too much to expect safe living place for girls,women who are in true sense nation builders .
    Mia Karlsson (Helsinki)


  5. कानून अगर आसान होगा तो पुलिस के लिए मुकदमा दर्ज करना आसान होगा, सबूत जुटाना आसान होगा. आसान कानून और उसका कड़ा पालन होगा तो इसके मुक़दमे में इतना समय नहीं लगेगा जितने समय में पीड़ित महिला हिम्मत हार बैठे, जो इस तरह के बहुत से मामलों में अक्सर होता है.”


  6. जिस दिन आप बलात्कार में मृत्युदंड का प्रावधान कर देंगे उसी दिन आप 27 फ़ीसदी मामलों को सात फ़ीसदी मामलों की श्रेणी पर डाल देंगे क्योंकि पुलिस वाले बलात्कार के हर मामले में हत्या के मामले जितने ही ठोस सबूत जुटा पायें यह नामुमकिन है”

    प्राची मिश्रा


  7. There shoud be enough public sensitization about this so that the victims can be in the know about the steps to take when they are raped.


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