Symposium ‘REFLECTION’(Awaken Women) -MESSAGE Org.

MESSAGE Institution organised a symposium REFLECTION­ AWAKEN WOMEN, at women’s polytechnic college on 7th march. Chair person of National commission women .Ms. Mamata Sharma, adressed the girls and inspired them to be bold andz independent in every field. she quoted Gandhiji’s statement emphasising on the need of N.G.Os or Beauracracy will rule, she also admired and congratulated MESSAGE Organization for itsinitiative toward sensetising and awakening people for their own rights. Social worker Dr. Beena Agrawal , Mamata Jetley, principal Anita Vaidhya, Dr Bhawana Sharma (Neurologist), Social worker Pancheel Jain, Advocate Ambika Soni and Sunita Vashistha drew attention of the students towards their legal rights and asked girls to fight against voilence and hrrasment at work place. Senior journalist satyamev jayate aamir khan fame Shripal Shaktawat furnished girls with many informations regarding gender violence,prevention and causes. He aiso shared some cases of kanya bhrun hatya and his experiences during news sting campaign. purnima koul­ convener Message,asked girls to make a promise to their own self not to marry a boy atall, who asks for dowrey,cause that is the root cause behind Kanya hatya. the programme was concluded with a vibrent discussion between college girls and DG.Rohit Mahajan IPS. and Police officer Maruti Joshi. Girls rased many questions and queries regarding their safty. some HELP LINE nos. were been given to them.
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4 thoughts on “Symposium ‘REFLECTION’(Awaken Women) -MESSAGE Org.

  1. “We’re all equal, everyone is equal. Why is there even a conversation about feminism? What’s the man version of feminism?


  2. “Women make it happen, but it doesn’t always happen for women.” Women face many forms of discrimination. ……….Eva


  3. There shoud be enough public sensitization about this so that the victims can be in the know about the steps to take when they are raped.


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