Teaching Values, Morals and Life Skills for our next Gen Kids – Bharat mera Garva

Message Bharat Mera GarvaThe MESSAGE ORG. Run a campaign “Bharat Mera Garva” . The campaign BHARAT MERA GARV, reached almost 35 schools and colleges, with at least more then 60000 youth and kids, spreading the message of LOVE THY COUNTRY and proud to be a INDIAN. The campaign is becoming very popular amongst youth. Our motto is to propagate and enhance the feeling of love towards country, their moral duty, responsibility, which leads them to do every thing which is required for the betterment of the country. Yesterday, a day before GURU NANAK JAYANTY we celebrated and interacted the same with AGRASEN SNATKOTTAR SHIKSHA MAHA VIDYALAY KESHAV VIDYA PEETH, JAMDOLI. The Institute well known for its Strength of Knowledge, Strength of Wisdom. Strength of Skills. Strength of native culture.

They being the would be teachers foe our next Generation, it was really wonderful , conveying our message of loving your country, because each of them is going to come in close contact of atleast 500 students , this way our message reaches to lacs., that too in the remote areas of villages where we seldom reach. Our message was to be proud of being an INDIAN, and to do everything for it, don’t wait for government or any other agency to come forward for doing anything, if possible do it all yourself, coz. We are the little solders , of our front.

While concluding the session we had a vibrant interaction with the students where they had the opportunity to come on the stage and express their feelings and their ideas about how can they be a Part of development and improvements in the existing system.

On the occasion our special guest social worker Bhai Panchsheel Jain , convener MESSAGE Mrs. Purnima Koul address the event Principal Dr. Rajni Sharma gave thanks and Dr. Renu Sharma and Dr. Pooja beniwal emphesised on the need of more programmes like this.

Let’s We all come together and pledge to be responsible citizen and take this message to all country men. Let’s build a new India a country with prosperity, brotherhood, peace, justice and a clean way of life.


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