Please Save The Birds.. Let them fly in sky………….

Save birds

Makar Sankranti is just a few days away and most kids and youngsters are super excited about it. But while you enjoy the kite flying, you should be aware of how this festival harms birds and sometimes animals. Just imagine what the deadly manja could do to a bird if it is capable of cutting your fingers each time.

MESSAGE Org run a awareness campaign in social media  endeavor to save birds. Through the “Save Birds Campaign” we aim to bring about not only a collective change in the mindset of citizens but also hope to save maximum birds.

Please Save The Birds………
Let them fly in sky………….
There are so many birds who die to the kite flying.
A lot of birds miss their mates. Some of them are
endangered and some are migratory, who have flown
across the seas hoping for a good life.
Please do not make your pleasure a cause for their death.
Let them fly in sky………….

What to do

1. When a bird hits the ground, do not catch it immediately. Give it some time to gain stability on its own while protecting it from cats and dogs
2. If a bird has not received serious cuts and is able to fly, let it go. Do not hold the birds too tightly.
3. Do not feed them water
4. If a bird is badly injured and seems to require first aid, then cover its eyes with a soft cloth, like a sock. This will prevent them from fluttering their wings
5. Put the injured bird in an empty bucket and cover it with cloth until help arrives
6. Do not fly kites between 7 am and 9 am as well as between 5 pm and 7 pm. These are the hours when there are maximum birds in the sky.

“In case anyone finds an injured bird they should not hold it with bare hands. First, they should drop a piece of cloth on the bird’s eye to prevent it from seeing so that it does not struggle and injure itself further,”. If possible, people should keep the bird in an empty shoe box before they call the helpline number.
World Sanstha: 9314465065
Ramnivas Garden: 9252560000
Jaipur Zoo: 9414041887, 9887024308
Adarsh Nagar: 9571595670
Mansarover: 9024899154
Sanganer: 8441058871
People for Animals Jaipur: 9950656801
Help N Suffering: 3245673 An injured bird can
be delivered at Sanganer Bird Hospital: 2575801

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