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Human chain to be formed on World Sight Day in Jaipur
Press Trust of India / Jaipur October 07, 2012, 18:15-Business-standard

A large human chain by over 1,000 college and school students to create awareness for eye donations would mark the World Sight Day on October 11.
Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan along with Prabha Khetan foundation has organised the event in which a silent human chain will be formed at the Albert Hall on the occasion.
“Over 1,000 school and college students will take part in the programme in the evening of October 11 that is aimed at creating awareness among people about eye donation,” President of Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan (EBSR), M L Mehta said today at a press conference here. Mehta, a former chief secretary, highlighted the importance of eye donation and said against a demand of around 4,000 corneas, only 800 are available in Jaipur each year.
“Whereas, around 14,000 people die in Jaipur which means that around 28,000 corneas may be available,” he said.
Diya Kumari of erstwhile Jaipur royal family, who is virtually an ambassador of the society, appealed to the people of Jaipur to participate in the rally.
The awareness for eye donation is a must and will go a long way in providing eye-sight to the visually impaired, she said.



Give the gift of vision

TNN Oct 8, 2012, 04.47AM IST- Times Of India

JAIPUR: For 11-year-old Sunny Malpani, October 11 is a life-changing day. He will be treated for corneal blindness on the World Sight Day.

Urging people to donate eyes, former chief secretary and president of the Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan (EBSR) M L Mehta said, “Against a demand of around 4000 corneas, only 800 are available in Jaipur each year.”

In a bid to create awareness on eye donation, a massive human chain will be formed at Albert Hall on October 11. Organized by the Prabha Khaitan Foundation, the event is expected to see participation of 1000-1500 students from various schools and colleges. Students of Maharani’s College, Pearl Academy, Subodh College, IIPM, VIT among others will form a human chain from 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm in front of Albert Hall.

Diya Kumari, an ambassador of the EBSR appealed Jaipurites to actively participate in the event. “Building awareness on eye donation will go a long way in providing eye sight to the visually impaired,” she said.



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