Eye Donation Gallery

Eye Donation Event Gallery
Awareness for eye donation, a massive silent human chain will be formed at the Albert Hall on October 11 on World Sight Day.
DRISHTI-Hope For Visually Impaired
A campaign launched by ‘MESSAGE’ on 3rd December -The International disability day.

MESSAGE organize a painting competition  in different schools of Jaipur

with an aim to create mass awareness among the children .During the competition the children will express their feelings on paper with the colors on the subject-Sense of civic responsibility for persone with disability ”. Event at St. Mary Convent School, Jaipur.

Almost 200 children participate the event. The top 20 finalists from the event will be awarded by prize. This is an emotional campaign where the main concern is to bring out the hidden creativity of children. Our major concern is to remove disparity from the society especially who are not part of the mainstream. The event is all for the children, it is a day for them to give their ideas and imagination a shape ”. The paintings will be judged by renowned master painter Mr. Surendra pal Joshi, Mrs. Renuka Bhatnagr and Principal St. Mary Convent School Sister Kiran.

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